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About Us

Team Canary One

Hatched in 2020 during the months that San Francisco students were sheltering in place at home, Team Canary One celebrates the world of legos, robots & long-term friendships. An all-girls flock of pre-school, middle-school and generational buddies + yes, 1 sister, this team of newbie roboticist, is ready to take on First Lego League challenges and competitions.  Fueled by the team’s insatiable curiosity, imagination plus a sprinkling of fun, no mission is too hard to solve. Expect innovation, expect exciting ideas, expect dedication and focus...and of course a few trampoline breaks, just because.

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What’s the story about our team name Canary One?

Amelia Earhart, one of the bravest female pilots in the 1920s, is the change-maker our team most identifies with. Fueled by a insatiable desire to fly, Amelia leaned into her passion and eventually earned the title of the first women to fly across the Atlantic Ocean. At that time, there were less than 100 female pilots in the US. Armed with pure determination, the inspiration to fly and a girlfriend flying coach named Anita aka ‘Neta’, Amelia insisted on buying an airplane, “The Canary” with a bright chromium yellow paint.


At the heart of Canary One is a team of passionate girls filled with the love of STEM, legos, coding, friendship and wonderment to solve problems.

Meet The Team

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